Fiber Optic I and II Curriculum

Fiber Optic Training

Course Info

Contact Grace Edel at 315-737-2169 or for more information.

Classroom sessions provide hands-on instruction with theory, giving students the knowledge needed in today’s fiber optic applications.

In two consecutive days, students will gain experience with the essential tools used by network installers and technicians. Classes cover fiber optic splicing, termination methods, network testing and more.

Fiber Optics I and II is great for beginners as well as seasoned professionals who want to sharpen their skills.

BICSI recognizes FIS University's Fiber Optic I and II classes for BICSI Continuing Education Credits (CECs).

Course Description

Day 1: Fiber Optics

  • Basic Fiber Optic Theory
    • Advantages of Fiber Optics
    • Components in a Link
    • Layers of a Simplex Cable
    • Singlemode vs. Multimode
    • Multifiber Cable Configurations
    • Fiber Optic Connectors

  • FIS SC, LC Connectorization Workshop
    • Cable Preparation
    • Curing and Scribing
    • Polishing

  • Microscope Operation & Connector Polish Analysis

Day 2: Advance Fiber Optics - Review and Self Test

  • Power Meter & Light Source Theory and Workshop
    • PM & LS Operation
    • Hands-On Instruction OTDR Theory and Workshop
    • How an OTDR Works
    • Events and Trace Analysis
    • Reflections & ORL
    • OTDR Workshop

  • Mechanical Splicing Theory & Workshop
    • Assembly of SC Bobtail Quick Term Connector

  • Microscope Operation & Connector Polish Analysis
    • Assembly of SC Bobtail Quick Term Connector

  • Fusion Splicing Theory & Workshop
    • Hands-On Instruction / Troubleshooting

  • Cheetah Splice-On Connector Certification
    • SOC Installation

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