Custom & Corporate Courses

FIS University’s Corporate Training Program

Are you looking for fiber optic training uniquely geared for your organization?

FIS University has developed and delivered thousands of customized courses, DVDs, videos, and other training materials for organizations around the world, each geared specifically to the skill levels and subject matters unique to your organization.

Focus, Flexibility and Efficiency:

• We can design and deliver a custom course geared specifically for your needs, objectives, and staff skill-levels.

• We can bring our training programs directly to your site(s) and schedule it to meet your business needs.

  • Eliminate costly time, travel and accommodations expenses for multiple participants.
  • Select a time & location convenient for you.
  • Schedule session different corporate locations, over a defined time period.

• We can train you on your own equipment, or we can bring the entire program to you….including equipment and supplies.

To learn more about FIS University’s Corporate Training Program, contact Grace Edel.