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I have heard that proper fiber management is especially crucial to FTTH installations. Why is that?

Bruno's Answer

Good fiber management is important for a number of reasons.

1. FTTH installations provide a lifeline of critical services, including telephone and data. Therefore, all fiber within splice enclosures, pedestals, and distribution hubs must be neat, well documented, and clearly labeled.

2. A single FTTH enclosure may serve hundreds of subscribers, so you cannot afford the delays and downtime that can result from poor fiber management.

3. Many different technicians will access the enclosure over time, which makes fiber identification and labeling especially important.

4. There is a trend toward smaller enclosures, which can make working within them a challenge. Keeping fiber neat and tidy makes the job a lot easier and lessens the risk of creating excessive bends in the fiber.

5. Good FTTH documentation helps technicians interpret OTDR images, such as Fresnel reflections and ghosting, which may appear during testing.